CBD: 121mg.

THC: 0.06%

SIZE: 1 gram.

DOSE: doesn’t hurt to share with some friends.

INGREDIENTS: raw, organically grown, Vermont CBD.


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smoking is too often overlooked as a method of ingesting cannabidiol; it is one of the most affordable and effective ways to enjoy our chosen plant, yet it is quite difficult to describe. our hemp is grown to contain levels of THC below the legal limit of 0.3%, but it is the same type of flower you’ve been smoking for years, we’ve just bred it to seriously reduce the psychoactive components we’re all familiar with.

taken all at once, our pre-rolls contain 72mg. of CBD; that’s enough to have a serious effect on anybody.

smoke it before bed and you could sleep like a baby.

take it on a hike and the sun might shine just a -bit- brighter.

share it with friends, and your jokes might just be funnier

words do it no justice, give it a try.